Kemper Stage Switch 2 failing!!

  • Same issue for me. I reached out to support and got NO response. Right in the middle of an album project, and this is destroying the workflow for everyone. Hoping someone sees this here and responds to me. This is very frustrating.

  • a few month ago I had to face some failing of switch 4, sometimes it worked, sometimes not.

    I contacted Kempersupport and they told me how to check button-functionality.

    I did it and everything worked fine: I pressed the button a hundred times with my finger and the machine counted exactly 100 switch operations. I did this more than only one time.

    However, as soon as I returned to "normal rehearsal business" the button returned to it's unreliability, too.

    The result of this now is, that I strongly hesitate to play a gig with this machine - on the other hand there is no gig in sight - you know why :rolleyes:

    The Kempersupport told me, I must wait untill the button fails in a way, that the check mode prooves the failing - what my technical mind has to accept ;) .

    The other day I read of someone who had opened his Stage doing some cleaning of buttoncontacts which solved his problem...

    for now I decided to live with the situation watching what will happen...

  • I suppose you have Stage and live in Germany. So if it is still under warranty why don't you send it to Kemper for repair? I live in Czech republic and the whole repair procedure took approx. 2 weeks.

  • Hello, I have a similar problem, a swhitch activates itself, I controlled it and I realized that it did not make the "click", the problem is that I am in Argentina and there is no official kemper service here, someone knows whether to change a switch it's hard?