Delay/Reverb Spillover Not Working

  • Hi All,

    Recently for a new band I'm working with I'm programming a lot of sounds with fairly heavy reverbs and delays (it's a 3 piece - Guitar, Bass and Drums so I have a lot of space to fill). I'm noticing that often when I switch from one performance slot to another (within the same performance) my delay and reverb tails aren't spilling over, they're ending abruptly. Delay IS in the delay slot, likewise for Reverb in it's slot. Rig Spillover Off is NOT selected in the rig menu.

    This happens with some of the more complex delays, but lately is also happening on delay's I've used since I got the Kemper, where tails DID spill over when I went to a different slot - such as with the dual delay.

    Is there a setting I may have inadvertently switched without realizing it?

    I'm now running the most recent KAOS release, to my recollection this started happening in 7.5.4 or at least that's what OS I was running when I noticed it.