OS 1.1.0 Public Beta available for download

  • Public Beta
    The new version adds eight addition stomp boxes. All of those are themed "LoFi". The update can be found here: http://www.kemper-amps.com/start/
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    Kemper Profiling Amplifier LoFi-Update

    The Lofi-Update for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier brings 8 new and unusual effects that, up until now, were mostly found only in synthesizers or plugins.
    The effects are: Rate Reducer, Ring Modulator, Frequency Shifter, Recti Shaper, Bit Shaper, Soft Shaper, Hard Shaper and Wave Shaper.

    All new effects are available in the 'Stomps' as well as in the 'Effects' section. Due to their non-linear character, the results of placing them pre-amp or post-amp can be quite different.

    The Rate Reducer, Ring Modulator and Frequency Shifter expand the pedal-controlled effects (orange LED), and can be modified with an expression pedal or by an envelope follower (touch mode). Recti Shaper, Bit Shaper, Soft Shaper, Hard Shaper and Wave Shaper belong to the drive effects section (red LED).

    The Effects

    Rate Reducer
    This effect reduces the sampling rate of the audio signal passing through. The sampling frequency is controlled with the 'Manual' parameter. Lowering the sample rate results in a raspy, scratchy quality as well as aliasing. Use the 'Peak' parameter to continuously control the quality of the sample rate interpolation, which will alter the harmonic content drastically.

    Ring Modulator
    Here, the signal is modulated by a sine oscillator. The pitch of the oscillator is controlled with the 'Manual' parameter - note that the 'Manual' parameter is bipolar, therefore a setting of '0' will have no effect. Lower settings produce a tremolo-like effect, whereas higher settings bend the complete harmonic structure of the instrument into a bell-like character by shifting every frequency component either upwards (sum frequency) or downwards (difference frequency).

    The 'Stereo' parameter divides the sum and difference frequencies into the left and right channel. The bipolar nature of the 'Manual' parameter can now be used to reverse the stereo panorama.

    As usual, the 'Mix' parameter adds the direct signal. With 'Mix' in the middle position, the ring modulation becomes amplitude modulation.

    Frequency Shifter
    The frequency shifter is a rarely seen effect and can be thought of as a 'deluxe' ring modulator. Even today, only a handful of frequency shifters exist in the digital domain.

    It is as useful in creating beautiful, subtle harmonic deviations as it is in producing high-pitched, clangourous noise. Like the ring modulator, it uses a sine wave to modulate the signal, but in such a way as to produce only the 'sum' or 'difference' frequencies of the two signals. In contrast to a pitch shifter, which preserves the dependencies of the harmonics, the frequency shifter bends these dependencies, resulting in a bell-like spectrum. It's not unlike a shortwave radio that hasn't been tuned correctly.

    Use the 'Manual' parameter to determine the pitch of the sine wave. This is a bipolar parameter where the centre position (0) will result in no audible frequency shifting.

    Turning 'Manual' clockwise results in a linear frequency shift upwards, while turning it counter-clockwise results in a downwards shift. Note how the shifted signal loses its harmonic structure.
    When 'Manual' is adjusted to the far left, you will notice that the pitch starts to rise again. This is the result of frequencies being shifted past 0Hz, which causes them to be mirrored upwards.

    The 'Stereo' parameter allows continuous adjustment of the phase of the left and right channels, thereby creating a subtle, or blatant, stereo-widening effect.

    Recti Shaper
    The Recti Shaper behaves like a physical rectifier, by folding the negative half-cycle into the positive portion of a wave. The intensity of the effect is controlled by 'Drive'.
    This effect is best known from octave fuzzes, which work by combining a rectifier with distortion. The Recti Shaper provides you with just the rectifier part, so you can combine it with other effects and distortions as you see fit.

    Bit Shaper
    The Bit Shaper continuously reduces the bit depth of a signal, with higher 'Drive' settings resulting in fewer available bits. The effect can be described as introducing a fizzy distortion, with a choking of the signal at high settings. The signal can even break off completely at the most extreme settings.

    'Peak' controls the shape of the digital steps, which affects the high-end content of the signal.

    Soft Shaper, Hard Shaper and Wave Shaper
    These are distortion effects, with a unique character, that probably never existed in the analog realm. They are especially destructive when playing double-stops or chords.