Posted some Fryette Sig X profiles in Rig Exchange

  • Hi all,

    I'm not certain how to attach links here, but you can find them under author Twilt in the Rig Exchange.

    Let me know what you think.

    I know this is all subjective and this should go without saying, but depending on what you're running these profiles through and where, and the volume you play at, you may have to EQ a bit and of course add/subtract effects to taste.

    I made these at stage volume(s) with live use in mind (Main Out/s to FOH only. No monitors or back line). So keep that in mind if you are using them into an interface and/or studio monitors.

    I am blown away at how well this amp profiled. It responds to pick attack and guitar volume control just like the real deal.

    No other profiles I have tried are as clear and articulate as these, but then again, that is the "signature" of this particular amp.

    The breakdown is as follows:

    Low Gain:

    Rhythm Channel, no boost, 100w mode

    Mid Gain:

    Rhythm Channel, Boost On, 40w mode

    High Gain 1:

    Rhythm Channel, Boost On, Barber GC>Klone>amp, 40w mode.

    High Gain 2:

    This one probably isn't up yet (I just uploaded it today 12/17/20).

    It's the same arrangement as High Gain 1 but is more of a lead tone.

    It has different EQ'ing, reverb and delay.

    The High Gain 1/2 profiles sounds nearly identical to how I have the actual amp set on the Lead Channel of the Sig with Boost On, Barber GC(only) in front and in 40w mode.

    I just couldn't get the Lead Channel to profile well though. It kept coming out way too noisy and hissy.

    I tried adding in some gating to the Lead Channel profiles after I made them, but still wasn't satisfied with the outcome.

    But as luck would have it, when I profiled the High Gain 1 rig (Rhythm Channel), it sounded close enough to the actual Lead Channel of the amp, that I quit tinkering with the Lead Channel on the Sig X and just made some minor adjustments afterward to the profile to mimic it.

    Also, I didn't post any Clean profiles to RE simply because I don't think many people are interested in this amp for it's cleans, no matter how nice they

    But I do have some if anyone is interested.

    Profiles were all captured with a single Senn e906 mic, 2 Genz-Benz G-Flex 2x12 cabs in series. Cabs loaded with Emi EM12L speakers.

    Guitar used was HB equipped Les Paul.

    The Sig X seems to be one of those amps that is either loved or hated so I won't be offended if you don't care for these profiles.

    If you do try them out though, I'd love to know what you think...just please be kind!;)


  • Thanks mate...I like 'em all actually! Never though I'd use such a high gain profile (your High Gain 1). Did some experimenting today and the more I played the more I liked them. The Low Gain and the High Gain1 seems to fit perfect for one of the cover I play. :thumbup::)

  • I had a change to get a Sig:X and missed the boat. I look forward to getting home after the holidays to try these profiles out. VHT/Fryette is way up there for amp tones that I like. Thanks.

    Right on, I hope you like them!

    Fantastic profiles! Thank you!

    'High Gain 2' is a beast for solo work. My telecaster sounds so mean with it, I'm afraid to put it down :)

    Thank you! Glad you like em :)

    Yeah, that HG2 profile is just straight up fun, ain't it? ;)

  • Hi @Twilt1973

    any change for another couple of profiles? Maybe with gain between the Mid Gain and the High Gain?

    Also I've noticed a vol increase from the Low Gain to the Mid Gain. Is this done on purpose?

    Hey jarabuandi.

    I do have a bunch more profiles I could put up on RE. It will take me some time to sift through them to find ones that turned out suitably (I made over 30). I will try to get a few more up next week.

    I will say this though, the profiles that I put up already, are the ones that I use as "templates". They respond really well to gain and EQ adjustments on the Kemp.

    Have you tried increasing the gain on the Mid Gain, or lowering the gain on the High Gain profiles? Also, the Definition, Clarity and Tube Shape parameters can really make a huge difference and may possibly get you the results you're after.

    As for the Vol increase between the profiles, that's easily remedied by adjusting the rig volumes to match one another to your liking.

    Also, keep an eye on the Input LED to make sure they aren't clipping. If you see the LED flickering into the Red zone, lower the Clean Sensitivity until it barely flickers yellow with your hardest attack...all Green and some Yellow is ok.

  • Thanks Troy,

    much appreciated. Whatever yo can do and willing to share would be awesome.

    Inn the mean time will try your suggestions for sure.

    As for the volume, I only lower the vol on the mid gain to bring it closer to the other two profiles.

  • Hi @Twilt1973

    any change for another couple of profiles? Maybe with gain between the Mid Gain and the High Gain?

    Also I've noticed a vol increase from the Low Gain to the Mid Gain. Is this done on purpose?

    Hey jarabuandi,

    I was just noodling around with trying to find you that "in-between" profile.

    What I've found is, if you decrease the Gain of HG1 to 7, I think that may be what you're after.

    Give it a whirl. Let me know.