Solved: Output Issues

  • Hey all. I am hoping for some help before I put in a ticket.

    There is something going on with my output. I am using SPDIF and I can only get output when I use the Stack setting. Before I was running Git/Master Left so I could use SPDIF 1 as a DI Track and SPDIF 2 as the Kemper tone. When I try that setting now I only get the DI on SPDIF 1 and do not get any output on SPDIF 2. The output LED does not light up either. I have updated to the latest OS hoping that would solve the issue but it hasn't. I am hopeful this is not a hardware issue, but I am starting to worry that it is. Does anyone have any tips or input?


  • If you get a signal with ouput source Stack and don't with Master Left check your signal chain - especially the Effects Sections.

    Perhaps an effect loop with no external gear plugged in or DLY/REV Routing screwed in Rig Settings or perhaps Mix of a Delay or Reverb completly Wet. Also check level of Volume Pedal. And make sure, that while you record via S/PDIF and if PROFILER is set as clock slave a second cable is connected to its S/PDIF IN to receive the clock signal.

    That Stack works and Git / Master Left doesn't cannot be explained by a hardware issue.

  • Burkhard

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  • Don’t feel like an idiot. We’ve all been there 😆

    Yes. I was there yesterday. I plugged in, loaded my fav profile, and said WTF? Somehow, I loaded a default DAW "mono" template instead of my "stereo" template. Man, I was wondering why my sound was so flat and thin, checking this, checking that. Such relief when I found the cause. LOL.