Kemper Kabinet: rattle at high volumes

  • Hey guys,

    I have a problem with my Kabinet / Kone. I use a powered toaster to drive the Kabinet, obviously using the speaker out. As of this morning, when increasing the volume, there is a high end rattle in some of the notes, some notes more than others. This is present both with clean rigs and distorted rigs, it's really only volume dependent. On low volumes the Kabinet sounds like what I'm used to, but all of a sudden, when increasing the monitor out volume of the KPA, some notes sound very fuzzy, distorted, in a bad way.

    Could this be a broken Kone? I've removed the back panel but I don't see any damages on the speaker. Is there any other way to check?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Take the jack plate out and use the hole as a handle to pull off the back.

    yep, that's the way to get it out. mine had the rattle too even at low volumes. was a bit scary to pull the back out cause it was really tightly fit. after tigtening the screws a bit and puttin it back together the rattle was gone.

    before i did it i called Kemper support cause i wasn't sure if this would void the warranty. They told me it didn't but if i preferred i was welcome to send it back and they'd send me another one. I would try that and if that doesn't solve it and it isn't mechanical i would call Kemper support, they are really cool.


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