Mission Engineering EP1-KP-GN SPL

  • Hello, I am having some troubles finding more information or trying to understand this. I have bought this pedal few months ago (EP1-KP-GN SPL) SPL for Spring Loaded.

    There is another different with the main EP1-KP-GN, there is only 1 output instead of 2. So here is where my confusion comes. Cables. Which cable should I use? TRS from 1 Stereo Cable split to 2 Mono Cables? Because atm I am using a single Stereo cable from output 1 to Pedal 1, But I think I am missing something. On the not Spring loaded version it comes with 2 output.

    Do I need to use this one? https://www.thomann.de/gb/the_sssnake_sk3153_insertkabel.htm

    Anyone using the spring loaded version or any idea about this? Because I am about to order a new guitar and I would like to get the right cable as well.

    Kind regards

  • You only use 2 cables on the normal pedal because one is for the pedal movement and the other is the toe switch. The SPL has no toe switch so only need me 1 cable to operate.

    It should be a TRS cable (both ends, no split or Y)to one socket on Kemper/Controller.

  • If the spring loaded version makes sense depends on what you want to do with that pedal.

    If you intend to control wah effects and - while no wah effects are active - to control volume, a pedal that always moves back into heel position by itself normally makes no sense, because volume pedal in heel position normally means "muted". But if you intend to configure Volume Pedal as booster pedal in Rig Settings (Pedal Range >0), it actually could make sense.

    I would say: If you have no clear idea, why you want to use a pedal, that automatically returns to heel position, stay away from it. As far as I know, you cannopt simply detach the spring from that pedal.