Marking rig as favorite gets lost

  • Hi, I just upgraded to the latest Profiler SW and downloaded the latest rig manager. Am using rig manager for the first time.

    There are a few rigs I want to mark as favorite, and after I mark one as a favorite I can see the circled star appear in Rig Manager in the favorites column. But when I go to another rig the star disappears from the rig I just marked as favorite.

    Can anyone tell me what I have to do to make the favorite star be permanent?


  • Thanks for the replies. I'm using Rig Manager Version 3.0.145 (16430) and Kemper Profiler Version 8.0.2 22186.

    These are the latest and current versions according to the Kemper website.

    Do I need to use a Beta version?

  • Yes - on the Profiler itself I can hold the rig button for a few seconds to toggle a rig as favourite or non-favourite. And then can browse through the list of favourites and can see the right rigs there.

    But rigs that were marked as favourites in the Profiler don't show up that way in the Rig Manager.

    Otherwise it seems to work - for instance, if I delete a rig in Rig Manager it gets deleted from the Profiler.

  • I feel this is a bug in Rig Manager. It is happening with ratings too. What I notice is although the favourite or rating is lost from the Rig Manager display when I load a new rig, there's an ugly workaround: if I disconnect the USB cable, quit the Rig Manager, then reconnect the cable and restart Rig Manager, then sort by rating or by favourites, I can see the new ratings or favourites that I added in the previous session are now there.

    So the bug must just affect the current display, but the actual setting (favourite or rating) does go through to memory.

    Hope this can be fixed in the next Rig Manager release.