New Rigs on Headphones but not on Mains Out

  • I just loaded a number of new rigs usingRrigmaster (version on the Kemper Stage (release The rigs can be heard on the Headphones but not on Mains Out (in fact, on some high gain rigs there are some faint tones ). Previous rigs are unaffected and play as usual, even within the same Performances. I have also reviewed the handbook but it does not appear to offer anything useful. Anybody has any ideas what to do?

  • There seems to be a further related issue concerning the looper. The looped phrases are on the headphones, but not on Mains Out. The problem occurs since the update to the latest release.

  • It sounds like you turned off "mains out" or something like that. Check the pages in the System soft button or the Output soft button and make sure you have output to the mains.

    that would be my first assumption also but that wouldn’t cause the existing rigs to be working OK and only the new rigs to not work.

    It sounds to me like something in the Rig menu or input menu (if it isn’t locked) in those specific rigs or an expression pedal that is interrupting the signal path.

    Where is your Volume Pedal in the Signal Chain?

    What outputs option are you using for Main Output? (Although this would affect all rigs)

    What outputs are linked to the Master Volume Knob (although this would affect all rigs)

    What FX are active in the problem rigs?