Reverb gone

  • Hi

    I've uploaded new Rig Manager which I see now includes an editor in addition to the library.
    If i select a reverb in editor I find it can't be adjusted using the Kemper reverb knobs

    I turn up time on Reverb on Kemper it displays 'Wah manual'

    If I turn up Reverb mix on Kemper it displays 'Wah Mix'
    I open profiles that I know have reverb, still no reverb to be heard !
    The reverb knob on Kemper on those shows no change on kemper display when adjusted using Kemper reverb knobs. Nothing at all. Not even wah time or mix !

    Baffled !:/

    Any suggestions ?

  • I turned off rig manager. I think that was a red herring. Even on profiles that had reverb there's none now. Even when I press reverb button it says empty. It looks like something general to all profiles has happened to reverb.

    But hang on. I just pressed some Rig buttons on the right hand side of my profiler.

    So now reverb is back & reverb mix & time controls are working.

    A complete mystery to me what went wrong & why using those buttons instead of the browse knob to select a different preset, has made the difference & restored reverb function ?

  • Burkhard

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