Solved: After Update to OS 8.0.3 probs with compressor

  • Hi everybody,

    after my todays update from 8.0.2 to 8.0.3 all my clean sounds with lots of compression have much less volumen than before. I restored a backup but this did not help.

    Anybody with the same issue?

    I will go back to 8.0.2 and see if this helps.

    Best regards


  • This is only possible, if all these Rigs have an effect in one of the modules A-D, which has volume set below zero.

    In that case it's related to this modification documented in the ReadMe, which had been requested by users:

    changed: automatic amp volume compensation in combination with distortion effects, which have volume set below zero

  • Check all of your global settings (input, output, rig, etc) and see if the update changed anything. And remember that Performance Mode and Browse Mode have different settings.

    I found that the update changed virtually everything in mine, but when I reset to my former values/settings, all was good.

  • Hudiluma

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