New Ibanez GSR200 Bass works with Helix but Not Kemper

  • In deed, and I'm a bit speculating. We didn't test and measure these instrument. I understand that the issue with that Ibanez bass is independent if the user is playing or not. Just related to its preamp being active. And then somebody reported 4.5 Volt "output power", which might be the 9 Volt DC. The owners should verify this.

  • AC or DC?

    Is it constant or fluctuating with playing level?

    The other thing is: This Ibanez Bass issue seems to be reproducable. It is constant as soon as the preamp gets activated. I understand, this never worked.

    Your issue happened two times. Most of the time your guitar is working. And if you don't experience the issue right now, what are you going to measure? Perhaps there is a loose contact anywhere. Perhaps only in those rare cases it sends battery power to the output. Or the signal chain is interrupted.

  • So it seems like as long as the voltage is below .20, it is sounding fine. Around .60 it will play, but gets distorted. Above 1.0 and the Kemper starts gating it.

    The odd part is that I have the guitar on a stand and I'm not touching it at all. All I'm doing is testing the voltage, plugging it into the Kemper, unplugging it, testing again, plugging it into something else, unplugging it, testing it, etc... The voltage seems to jump around after plugging it into devices. It doesn't seem to be a connection or loose wire because I'm not moving the guitar or unplugging the cable from the guitar. If I leave it unplugged and test the voltage every few minutes, it doesn't change at all. Plugging it in and out of devices seems to be what makes it jump around randomly.

    Anyway, I'll take that issue up with LR Baggs. Regarding the Kemper, I think it's safe to say that, unlike most devices, it will distort or refuse signals accompanied by voltages above .5 or so.