The Amp Factory!

  • I think I'll take the plunge with the 4 profiles of the 64 Champ. Only 99p. I think posting samples would be a good idea. I bought Armin's 57 Deluxe set after hearing some samples on TGP.

  • Dont feel any guilt my friend, you are providing a great service here. I personally hope you profit on this. The Kemper user profiles are great but what professional has time to sift through 1300 profiles plus daily additions and find the ones they really like? I hope what you are doing becomes more popular. I would much rather pay a fee and have a great collection I can trust than spend all my time tinkering around looking for something worth using like I am at a garage sale. I am a working professional and what you are offering is needed. I can't wait to hear the samples so I can pick some or all of these up :)

  • I think I'll take the plunge with the 4 profiles of the 64 Champ. Only 99p. I think posting samples would be a good idea. I bought Armin's 57 Deluxe set after hearing some samples on TGP.

    I cannot think about spending money (i know, they are just a few euros) without hearing what i'm going to buy.
    I hope that clips will come soon and they will all be worst than the profiles that i already have :thumbsup:

    P.S: Just kiddin' :D

  • Great work! I'm looking forward to hearing some clips and maybe purchasing some of the packs.

    IMHO you have already proven your commitment to the community with the time and effort that you put in to you previous profiles. The fact that you are now charging for these should not mean that you loose friends here, you have made a significant investment of both your time and money to give people, who don't necessarily have access to either the amps, studio or skill to produce these packs, the option to own some more great rigs.

    I personally think that they might be a little over priced, but then again I have no idea how much they cost to make, either way I'll probably grab one or two to see what they're like.



  • It's all all good!

    Guys we know the quality of his work. I will buy (partly just for the fact that someone has the guts & stamina to do this).
    If there are 5 profiles out of 300 I end up using on a regular basis - it was well worth the spending. Couldn't have done any of these myself.

    I especially appreciate different presets for the 3 basic types of guitars/pickups (tele/strat/lp).
    I was always wondering, why this (almost) never went into consideration when discussing the quality of the user profiles.

    Thnx Andy.
    I donated & I will buy.


  • Hi Andy, hey guys!

    I just bought andys stuff straight today - I know the quality of his last rigs and therefore I have no doubts about this one! Can't wait to get them played soon...

    Thanks andy and please have no worries for charging for your stuff - I'm confident it is astonishing as your last 2 sets! Fair enough price if only 3-4 of the rigs are good enough for my playin', recordin' and live work - if not, its still a bang for my bucks! 8|:D8)

    Thanks again and keep it going guys!

    Cheers, Mao

  • wow, what an amazing list, i was happy to donate for the first 2 collections, and will be happy to buy this one when i get home tonight, without doubt whatever else i have in my kemper, your profiles are always there, the most resonant and real

    keep up the good work amigo

  • I had a blast playing these last night. I think Andy has done a great job on these and there are LOTS of winners here. I was in heaven for hours with the Two Rock profiles. I think these profiles are even a bit better than the previous ones because they sound good right out of the box for me with less tweaks than the other ones. YMMV. But with the quality of these profiles and the various channels and pedals, it's like you own the amp itself. I think 5GBP is pretty cheap for that. And honestly, lots of people bill a lot more for an hour of their time (have you called a plumber lately?) than Andy is charging and I am sure that he spent much more than an hour on these.


  • Bonjour Andy. I was more comfortable with your prior method with Paypal being a way to say thanks for your work on the profiles. Which I did. The point of the Kemper rig exchange system was having people freely exchanging sounds and methods. At some point, what happens when Kemper decides to follow when they see all the money that could be made by charging for premium profiles??? That being said, when some soundbites are available on your new website, I will consider my options.

  • I was hesitant when I suspected you would be charging for your profiles in the "it's coming" thread. That being said, I think the way you have the store set up with each amp for 4.99 is more than reasonable. I only want a few, and this allows people to pick and choose.

    4.99 is more than reasonable for a hand wired AC30, and having different profiles for strats, les Paul's, etc makes sense. Knowing the amps have been profiled "professionally" certainly adds to the value and gives me peace of mind.

    I'm sure you spent a lot of time and money gathering these profiles, and I think your prices are fair, and purchases will hopefully encourage you to continue your work.

    I've seen websites where people are charging for KPA, Axe, and Eleven Rack profiles that are taken from other people's work, and it's stuff you can get for free anyway.

    Now see if you can find someone to develop a Mac and PC profile manager and editor, and the world will beat a path to your door.

    I'm going to make a chrome logo and put it on my Kemper:

    [Blocked Image:]