Can MIDI be used from the Kemper to control the Kemper?

  • Related to the other thread discussing potential second morphing:

    :?: Using the Remote, could the Kemper send a MIDI signal to itself? For instance, could an expression pedal be assigned to send on channel 7, which I think is the control for delay volume, to control delay volume? And if not, is there some kind of MIDI hardware that would allow this?

    I have an extremely limited knowledge about the use of MIDI, so please correct me if I have used the wrong terminology.

  • MIDI is a standard communication protocol and Kemper is using a proprietary one between Remote and KPA.

    Sure you can connect additional MIDI controller(s) to KPA, but that kinda defeats the "1 controller, 1 cable" idea.

    Also, morphing includes the concepts for custom ramp-up/down and min/max level so it goes beyond any regular MIDI capabilities.

  • CC# 7 is Volume Pedal, not related to delay. Delay Mix is CC# 68.

    There are expression pedals which have a MIDI output e.g. Beat Bars EX3 and boxes, that transform the moves of a normal expression pedal into MIDI comands e.g. MIDI Solutions Pedal to MIDI Converter. This converter also allows to cascade multiple pedals.

    You can run two PROFILERs as master/slave in Performance Mode ("UI to MIDI") or just forward the four pedal controllers (CC#1, 4, 7, 11) to another device ("Pedal to MIDI"). Shortcutting the MIDI OUT with the MIDI IN of the same device is not a good idea.