Any recommended Fender breakup profiles?

  • Illold3chordme

    Changed the title of the thread from “Looking some Fender breakup profile like this (examples in post)” to “Any recommended Fender breakup profiles?”.
  • You are always free to use a OD stomp to get a clean Fender Profile to breakup some. Fender Supersonics have breakup and I think Fender Bassmans. But, I am mainly an M guy -Marshall, Mesa...

    Play your Fender profiles on top of the song and see which one you can dial in closer to the original guitar track.

  • Naming any commercial profiles in this section will get your post moved. So, search the RE using keywords "delux" "deluxe" "lux" and "dlx". You may need to narrow the search further by searching in Name field. Sort by gain. Audition profiles until you find the sound you are looking for, or as close as you can find.

    Then, try tweaking using Definition (likely turn down slightly), Tube Sagging (likely turn up to 7 or more), and the Amp eq (likely mid and treble down, then make up the top end by turning the presence up. If necessary, use the Pure Boost in front of the Stack for a full range push. 🤞

    And please, report back and share your findings.

    Just listened to the track again. For the above, I was thinking of the heavier sound that starts right after the intro

    For the more jangly sound, also search the RE for deluxe, and when you find the one, add some direct mix in the amp section, and a short, bright reverb.