Hiss/noise coming out of Monitor Output

  • Hi guys, I love my Kemper stage but it has a hiss coming out of Monitor left/right, when using a jack to my monitor amp setup. I always use my main XLR's to the PA.

    Also, when I profiled yesterday; any amp I plugged into from send 1 also had the same hiss but after being profiled the profile was clean from any hiss (through the Main XLR outputs to my computer monitor that is) but still hiss in the amp that I use for on stage monitoring. I have tried different amps for monitoring & still have the same hiss. I can even have the tuner mode on & Kemper effectively bypassed .

    I just did a test from my Output jacks from Kemper & found I still have the same hiss on Main Right, but not Main Left-strange!!

    Any help would be much appreciated.