Tone from Supertramp's Waiting So Long

  • I absolutely love the guitar solo at the end of "Waiting so long" by Supertramp and I want to recreate Hodgon's guitar tone. Does anyone know what amp/cabinet/settings he uses in this one?

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  • Roger played a vintage '59 Les Paul throughout his career with Supertramp. That guitar and a Boss CE-1 is more important for that sound than the actual amp. He's playing with moderate gain and lots of Chorus. I know he played the CE-1 on the tour before that album so I'd assume he used that one still. It was kind of his trademark.

    As far as the amp goes, although I was already around when the album came out, I don't remember having read anything about Rogers amps in the magazines back then. It was common knowledge what his guitar was and that he loved his Roland/Boss Chorus (and a Wah), but I don't remember anything about his amp(s).

    If you want to replicate that sound, you need a Les Paul with low output PAF-type pickups and then try the "Vintage Chorus" on the kemper going in a profile with moderate gain (something like a Deluxe could work).

  • Yep. The chorus is a powerful effect. It is one of my favs for clean and dirty sounds. You can use lots of chorus for chords and then just a little for lead work. Maybe that's why almost everyone has more than one chorus pedal.

    I have an SD '59 in a strat which is pretty close to that PAF sound. Using 10's strings is best.

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  • I found the question from the OP so interesting that I did some more research. Though I didn't find any old Magazin Interview I did however went through some live clips on youtube. There is a full concert from the '83 tour - following the album in question - available on Youtube. I even remember having seen it on TV back then. It was broadcasted by one of the two biggest TV-stations in Germany back then and I remember me and my bandmates (we were teenagers at that time) talking about that concert the next day in school ;)

    Anyway there is not much footage of the backline, but in one camera view you can see a Mesa Boogie MK-series amp. It's impossible to tell which one (in '83 it could have been a MK I or a MK II). It is also not visible if it is Roger's amp or belongs to Scott Page or Fred Mandel who joined the band for that tour.

    But it might be a hint. A Boogie MK II was widely used in those times (rather than a MK I). So you might look for a moderate gain MK-II profile (Top Jimi or Ampfactory come to my mind) and use the Vintage Chorus as I've already suggested in my last post. That should get you there when paired with a Les Paul with PAF-type pickups. The Vintage Chorus in the Kemper does a pretty good CE-1, there is even a "CE-1" labeld preset in the recent factory content. A CE-1 has a smooth but throaty sound and is easily recognizable. It's known Roger loved that pedal - as did many guitarists back in the day.