Thinking seriously about a Kemper, but what do I need? PowerEngine 60 compatibility and a half dozen other Noob questions.

  • Hi, ronsws6.

    Wow this is all great info. Thanks again.

    ST - I have the original L1 with the horse shoe shaped base. I never thought about plugging the Kemper into it. This is the perfect way to dial in my sounds and I can A/B it against the PE60 to dial that in as well. Great Idea! I have pretty much only used it for acoustic solo/duo gigs. Do you run the kemper through the T1 or direct in? I'll try both.

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    You have an L1 Classic/Model I. You can run the Kemper into any channel (1, 2, 3, or 4) on the power stand.


    Connect the Kemper to T1 channel 4/5 and leave channels 1, 2, 3 open for microphones or acoustic guitars.

    T1 into the Kemper?

    Most of the time, I have the T1 set up on the microphone stand in front of me. I run the microphone and Kemper into the T1 and control everything with the controls at my fingertips.

    With the new L1 Pro models, you get a three-channel mixer built-into the power stand. The mixer has phantom power, ToneMatch Presets, EQ and Reverb. You can control it with an app. I can clip a tablet to the microphone stand and run the app. If it's just me and the Kemper, I don't need the T1. But for acoustic guitars and a duo, I'd probably use the T1 anyway.

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    ... there is so much kemper support I personally feel that Kemper is right for me.

    V8 - Great perspective. I will absorb all of this before making my decision. I am gonna try to wait until March to make my final decision. (Work Bonus).

    Product and community support is HUGE for me. This community is amazing for that.

    Waiting 'til March. Here are some resources to keep you busy in the meantime.

    👉 Kemper Manuals and Quick Start guides

    👉 Rig Manager Download and Documentation

    👉 Kemper Tutorials & Demos

    👉 Before you buy Commercial Rigs and Profiles check out the Rig Manager for Rig Packs and Rig Exchange



  • V8 - Great perspective. I will absorb all of this before making my decision. I am gonna try to wait until March to make my final decision. (Work Bonus).

    Its nice to be excited by new gear so you must be chomping at the bit.

    Couple of other things I thought about ( as my mate is int he same position as you and thinking of getting one, hence I keep thinking about what you need to know)

    1) Your biggest issue is choice - eventually with profiles but initial with how you want to monitor (FRFR etc). for me that's another reason to go powered toaster or rack. I prefer rack because I think the toaster is better suited to studio as the rack is designed to be rack mounted.

    2) The Quad cortex - its not even released yet and its probably going to be a great unit but the Kemper is an established product, road tested etc. There is a lot to be said for that

    3) When you get it, think about what you need first - so many people set theirs up in different ways, some have 1 amp per song, I tend to use 1 performance ( same as a "bank" on an effects unit) per band. Once you how you wan it to work, setting up is relatively easy and intuitive.

    4) Strongest part of the Kemper is the amp sound and feel. Weakest part ( although improved greatly recently) is the computer interface. As I only use this for setting up ( for which it works very well) Its not a problem for me.

    5) If you go for the Rack or toaster, don't forget to budget for the remote. Its essential for live and whilst there are other options, for me, its the easiest and most effective solution ( its plug and play as well!).

    If for some bizarre reason you can't get on with the Kemper, the second hand market remains strong - as my mate is finding out when trying to buy one. So you risks are really low.

    Roll on March :)

  • 1) Your biggest issue is choice

    This is a great point.

    As soon as possible and maybe before you even buy, decide "how many different tones do I need?". Hopefully that number is small. Initially, concentrate on getting that/those sounds. That will give you a specific focus, because like V8guitar alluded to, there are an infinite number of options with the Kemper. And doing/focusing on those sounds will get you familiar with the unit in a more organized way than just being overwhelming with the possibilities. BUT, once you get a handle on the sounds that you know you need right now, go crazy and experiment.

  • Welcome! Whichever Kemfiguration you go with it will sound awesome. I've had a hard time emotional separating myself from the tube amps but after about 3 years of Kemper I'm now convinced to sell them all (after thorough profiling). Not going back. Also, your lower back will be eternally grateful!

  • I can say that my rig sounds wonderful, I have the power rack and use it through a 4x12 Marshall and its everything I thought it would be and more. I profiled my own amps and they are all I use, the interface is really easy to operate and move around in. The sound, sounds more like an amp in a room. I use my rig at rehearsal with it powering my 4x12 cab for feel and I also run direct to hear in my IEM's. Direct it sounds awesome as well as through my cab that I have had for years.