Now it starts again! Remote does not start anymore!

  • Today I brought the RM up to date. Just the RM. Then worked normally. Now I wanted to play again and ... the remote no longer starts.

    To build: I connected the remote with a Cat8 cable, I think 3m. So far everything has gone flawlessly.

    Suddenly that. How and if that ever with that Update related I don't know.

    Now I'm getting angry! It can't be that the thing is exclusive runs with the original cable!

    I don't want to have a 10m roll lying around in my room! Business is one thing, customer friendliness is another.

    If so, then offer please use a 3m cable as an alternative. Would be great!

  • Peter R

    Changed the title of the thread from “Jetzt geht das wieder los!!! Remote springt nicht mehr an!” to “Now it starts again! Remote does not start anymore!”.
  • There is a reason for the cable specs in the manual. Don't give people the impression that any cable works. It might appear to, but then suddenly it's unreliable, because the Remote doesn't receive sufficient power under all circumstances. Take the cable specs seriously.

  • I can report that NOT ALL cable work. I experienced three different situations.

    1st everythings working fine,

    2nd Everything is working but the lights are not fully bright.

    3rd not working.

    So far I did not try to find out the reasons behind, cause I had several cables laying around. Do not worry, there are high quality cable with the locking plug like the original cable available and I have one of them which is working just fine!