Apollo Twin USB (or any other variant) users... Output issues?

  • Is anyone running their Kemper into an Apollo Twin? If so, I'm wondering if you are experiencing the same thing as me. Does it seem like the output is rather low with your Kemper plugged into it? I am using my Stage (Master Mono, Output L, XLR to TRS, Master Volume all the way up) into Analog 1 of an Apollo Twin USB connected to my Dell XPS 15. It seems that while plugged into the Apollo Twin with or without the UA 610-B activated, I need to increase the level and gain of the input rather high in order to get a reasonable amount of volume. This wasn't the case before when I still had a Scarlett 2i2, where even just a small gain increase would result in clipping. I even tried it in input 2 and I have the same issue. Even with my guitar plugged into it using my Neural DSP Archetype Nolly plugin, it's about the same. Simply listening to music through it is fine, as is plugging my PreSonus Eris E5 monitors directly into the XLR jacks of my Stage. I probably need to post this on the UA forums too, but just wondering if anyone else is running into the same thing as I am. Uploaded a screenshot of the UA console settings as well.

  • Yeah I've noticed a volume drop if you try to insert one of those pre amps in the unison slot. I didn't get any answer from UAD. Does the same thing if you say go with an acoustic guitar straight into the preamp in on the Apollo - instant vol drop. I think it could be that the unison slots are really designed for mic inputs. You can try putting in the pre amp in the non unison insert slot and see if that works. Also try different different resistance settings ie the line v 2ohm and 500 ohm as that can sound different too.

  • I had the Apollo Arrow and I was so unhappy with the sound it had when hooked up to the Kemper I took the Arrow back to the dealer. I now have an Antelope ZenGo which has S/PDIF and works way better than the Apollo for the Kemper. And of course has great mic pres and converters.