Volume/wah help needed.

  • Hello.

    I've just started using an expression pedal with my Stage. Wah sounds very good, but:

    In first slot of a performance, the pedal is for volumen. In the other slots it's a wah (bypass at heel position).

    Everything is fine until I use the volumen in slot one. When I go back to any other slot, if I left the volumen on "10", wah will be in toe position. And if I left it in other position (in slot one), the volume in other slots will be in that position, too.

    One solution could be to set the wah to "bypass at toe position", but I prefer the bypass at heel.

    Is there a way to solve this conflict?

    Thank you very much.

  • One solution could be to set the wah to "bypass at toe position", but I prefer the bypass at heel.

    How about "bypass at stop"? That way, the wah doesn't care what position you leave the volume pedal in, it only activates when you move the pedal. I prefer this setting - it works for the way I use a wah (dynamically).

    It only creates a problem if you want to use a wah statically - set it to a certain position and leave it there to keep the resonance at a certain freqency (e.g. "Money For Nothing"). Bypass at stop would then turn off the wah when the pedal isn't moved. For these uses, I'd simply create a different rig with the pedal settings on "Off" with the wah value set as "manual".



  • It can be sensitive but it should shut off pretty quick (0.5 second at the most, it feels like. Someone might be able to give the actual speed). If its not, its still detecting some movement. Put it this way, for me its no slower than rocking a crybaby forward to click it off.

    You can obviously switch wah on and off using one of the stomps but that is a bit of tap dancing.

    However, I always hated the crybaby switch anyway as often you don't successfully switch on or off, so either of these options hopefully should be as good or better.