Double Tracking with Kemper Live

  • Hi Folks,

    I'm trying to see if it is possible to simulate a double tracked effect when using a Kemper with a tube amp. My signal chain is as follows

    Guitar --> Kemper input

    Kemper Send --> Amp input (Dry signal for the Dry path)

    Amp out --> Cab (Dry rig)

    Kemper Master out --> FRFR (Wet Rig)

    At times, I would like to use both as dry rigs but maybe the Kemper master out at a slight delay. I tried to set a delay at the end of the chain with feedback at 0, mix at 100% and time around 20 secs to see if this is possible. But it did not seem right. I do realize that this is not true double tracking but just trying to get a wider stereo field on stage. Any inputs is much appreciated.


  • a few thoughts.

    the Kemper now has a few new Double Tracking type widener effects in the EQ FX type.

    also, you can run the delay in stereo with different short delays on both sides. You could have the dry sound in the real amp plus wet L at say 15ms and wet R at say 30ms for extra effect. You could rune the Delays as 0/100 (full wet signal only rather than 100/100 (which is equal wet and dry)

    another trick is to use Parallel Path with any effect to want in Stomp A and FX loop in Block B. Use the send to the real amp instead of the Direct Out but don’t have any return signal going to the KPA. That way you can turn the real amp on or off from the Remote.

  • Give this a try:

    Dual Delay:

    Mix 100.0/91.8%

    Delay 1 Time 32 ms

    Delay 2 Time 49 ms

    Delay Balance +22.1%

    Feedback 1 0%

    Feedback 2 (is grayed out)

    Low Cut 107.0 Hz

    High Cut 3994.5 Hz

    Reverse Mix 0%

    Stereo 200%

    all other settings at 0

    Of course you should adjust to get what you want. I put this after the stack so that it can be heard in stereo (works OK in mono, but really works best in stereo). If you are using reverb also, be sure and adjust the Del+Rev Balance to taste.

  • I'm waiting on the TC Mimiq pedal to arrive to hook up to the main outs to see how that sounds. It doubles (or quadruples) a track and changes the algorithm to sound more like two separate guitars instead of just a copy an delay of the single one. I wish Kemper could incorporate that pedal behavior in an update.