Rig Manager 3 on Windows not picking up USB from Profiler OS 8

  • I just updated RM to version 3 and immediately after installation, it failed to pick up the USB conenction from the rack profiler.

    I updated the profilerto OS 8 and still the same

  • Hi, djb212,

    Try this.

    1. Turn everything off,
    2. Disconnect the USB cable so there's no connection to the Profiler
    3. Turn on the Profiler and wait until it's fully functional
    4. Turn on the computer and wait until it's fully functional
    5. Connect the USB cable from the Profiler directly to the computer
    6. On the computer, check Device Manager
      1. Sound, video and game controllers
      2. Kemper Profiler
      3. If the Kemper Profiler is there, check the properties to see there are errors
      4. If the Kemper Profiler is NOT there, at the top of the Device Manager Tree you should see the name of your computer
        1. Right click the name of the computer and click Rescan for hardware changes
      5. If there's no change, and you see a device "Unknown USB Device "
        1. Right click
        2. Update driver
        3. Browse my computer for drivers C:\Program Files\Kemper Amps\Driver
        4. Take a screenshot of any errors or messages