Mission Gemini 2 boxy sound

  • Hi all,

    I need a bit of advice from the community...

    I am playing my Kemper through a Mission Gemini 2 cab. This thing is great but I find the sound a bit boxy from time to time (might be ear fatigue I dunno).

    Not sure how to explain with words the impression I have when listening the sound coming from the cab. It's as if the sound was not breathing. In comparison, when I play with my Twin Reverb, I feel more connected with my amp.

    I have similar griefs when monitoring via studio monitors (5'' Yamaha).

    On the other hand, I am completely happy when monitoring the Kemper via headphones (open back Sennheiser hd650).

    I know the miked captures from Kemper profiles are not supposed to sound like an open back tube amp combo, but I'd like to be able to "fix" the boxiness coming from the Mission cab.

    Are there any settings on the Kemper that can help?

    I tried to play with the empower knob on the rear of the Mission cab, that does not fix the overall boxy feel unfortunately.

    Would I get similar issues with the Kabinet if I decided to get one (if/when Kemper releases a powered version)?

    Thanks in advance guys.

  • I think you’ll find the boxy thing is inherent with the Kemper I’ve just bought the Kemper stage to play through my Yamaha studio speakers not so much boxy but it’s like there’s an hollow kind of feeling, I’ve tried everything I can but failed miserably! I used to have the toaster and a Matrix 12a I think it was, now that was really boxy I ended up selling it as I just couldn’t get rid of that frequency no matter what!
    I plugged in my little Vox adio and I much prefer the sound of that as it does as you say breath.

    I would be interested if you have any success with your sound after the experts chip in!

    Try it through your studio monitor speakers see if it has that hollow frequency. Good luck!

  • I have the same setup, for me it sounds boxy with higher gain settings, I was thinking about trying a low cut on the Kemper's EQ to see if that will help. I'm curious how you run your setup? For me I'm about 1/2 way up on the stage volume and the Speaker volume and then I dial the variable frequency response control down a little.

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