Using the sounds from kemper on a real amp

  • Hi. I'm a happy owner of a kemper (not power head) and wish to use it with a newly bought amp.

    Its a victory V40 deluxe with matching 212 cabinet.

    Is it possible to use the kemper for delays, flangers, overdrives and other Effects trough my victory amp just like i would use an ordinary pedal?

    If yes, how will i need to set it up, do I use the FX loop or just run it trough one of the outputs?

    In advance, thanks for answering

  • Hi, Olavas.

    You've got a couple of choices.

    Use your Victory amp as the power amp and cab

    This is a common use case where you use the Victory power amp and cab as the two final stages after the Profiler.

    • Connect the guitar to the Profiler.
    • Profiler Monitor output to the Victory amp FX return.
    • Do not use the FX send. It's not required in this scenario.
    • On the Profiler, in the Output section enable the Monitor Cab Off.

    Profiler for effects only

    I don't recall reading about anyone using the Profiler as an effects unit only. You'd be bypassing the very heart of the Profiler. But if you want to do it - you can try this.

    • On the Profiler, disable the Stack section
    • Connect the guitar to the amp
    • On the Profiler, set the Input section input to Alternative Input
    • Amp FX Send to Profiler Alternative Input
    • Profiler Monitor Output or Main Output to Amp FX Return
  • Yes but why?

    The Kempers main advantage is amp emulation. You will effectively have a very expensive effects unit.

  • To answer the question - yes you can. Switch off the 'stack' and its a pretty cool digital multiFX.

    You can put your preamp into the kempers FX loop and run it 4CM too. How you use your gear is entirely up to you.

    The great news is that when you're not using it as a multi FX - it can still be used as a Kemper. Cheaper than buying an additional Helix/Stomp/HxFx/etc.

  • I have a performance set up for use straight into an amp and it works great. Basically, you just need to turn the amp and cab off in each slot. I left the eq section of the stack on to make adjustments for different amps, venues, etc. You will likely have to make some level ajustments based on sensitivity of the amp's input.

    I made this performance up just as an exercise, but it was useful at one gig that became sort of a house party with no pa. I did not have access to an frfr, but someone had a little Fender amp. I plugged the Kemper monitor out into the front of the amp and used my "Effects Only" performance, and it worked beautifully.

  • Ive used this setup : Guitar into Kemper guitar input

    Kemper Monitor out to amp fx return (Master Mono selected)

    Kemper Direct Send to amp guitar input (Guitar plus Processing selected)amp fx loop send to Kemper Return input.

    And still Nothing but dry sounds