Matching up a distorted profile with a great vox cleanish/overdriven profile

  • Hi all, I have a vox profile from ToneJunkies I truly love that I'm using in our church's worship team. I think it's called Stu's favorite, or something like that. Sounds great clean and overdriven. I have three different rigs in one performance loaded with it. One with just a tad of the Kemper pure boost, a second with a bit more pure boost and a third with a lot more. It produces a very natural sounding overdrive which I like, and I love how switching between presets just sounds like a very smooth transition. The transitions aren't jarring at all, because it's the same amp profile just with different amounts of boost. I don't have to worry about amp profiles with different eq voicings, and different sounding mics, and different sounding mic placement, and differences in phasing, etc etc. My quandary is I really need one setting of just flat out rock power chord distortion sound, but it needs to be something that won't sound so radically different than the vox that the transition sounds odd. How have you guys handled this kind of thing? Just pick a marshall profile for that fourth rig and live with the slightly jarring transition? Find a distortion preset you can live with and just add that on? Use an outboard 'marshall in a box' type of distortion pedal? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!