Bubble & Drip

  • No pb with the plugs, Hafi , I'm just pointing out that the horns experience is really fun..........

    I have no problem with this approach. I didn't mean to criticise you.

    I can see that you have a lot of fun playing the trumpet.

    For me personally, in an apartment building, it would not be possible without disturbing others, so I prefer to switch to the keyboard if I need a trumpet where I can still play at night through headphones :-)

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  • Good stuff, Mats. I agree, very Dan, smooth and polished.

    I've heard good things about Mojo and listened to some demos. I thought they might be a good fit for the kind of rhythm & blues that I do.

    Thanks, Chris!

    I've heard some great stuff with Mojo Horns 2 when they demoed it att NAMM a few years back and that's the reason I got it.

    But I don't have the patience to play each part as I know I should. :D


    Mats N