Ive been spoiled

  • My Kemper is being sent off today for repair. I just received a Zoom G5 to fill in while my beloved Kemper is away. So let me preface this post with I have only spent an hour with the Zoom G5. Nowhere near enough time to learn a new MFX unit. Just scrolled though all of the amps. No effects, just amps................Im going to really miss my Kemper. Maybe there is some magic in the eq stomps but wow this thing doesnt sound anywhere close to good to me. The feel is not there at all. I was hoping to feel decent about the G5, but so far, yuck. Anyone here tried one? Is there some magic in this box somewhere?

  • I cant handle it. Too fizzy and trebly. Cant find any warm spots. My strat is bright anyway. I had to go to GC and get something else. They had a used RP 500 for 199.00 so I snagged it. MUCH better. The modeling is dated but I can at least dial out some of the nasties. G5 going back to Sweetwater on Monday. The G5 has alot of cool features, but tone isnt one of them which makes it a huge paperweight. I had the G3 for awhile as well. I actually liked it which is why I thought Id get along with this unit so well. I sold everything when I got the Kemper except for an emergency back up, which is a 30.00 modeler from Behringer. Since my Kemper will be gone for a few weeks I had to get something with effects, The funny thing is though that the Behringer sounds better than the G5. At least through my guitars. Im wondering if I have a defective unit or something. It just sounds horrible. I couldnt find one usable tone, yet I hear others rave about it. Oh well....................Kemper hurry back!!!!!!!!!