MXR (Boss, Maxon) 6 band graphic EQ

  • I do like the sound of the Kemper graphic and where the frequency interval are placed.

    However, I would also love to see the option to have the MXR 6 band graphic in the Kemper. Much easier than having to profile with a 6 band graphic in front of the amp when trying to get close to something like those Scholz rhythm and lead sounds. The 800 band is needed.

    This MXR and the Boss have been used by so many artists over the years.

    The Mesa 5 band would be great too. Fortunately, i have that built into my Mk3's here in the studio so can easily profile that.

  • hi Vinnie!!i see that you like to profile your amps,do you sell your profiles?

    I don’t sell them.

    As I understand, I would only be able to post in the commercial sellers part on here and not be able join in the rest of the forum if I started to sell them. I do like to be able to post the odd question here and would miss that.

    Still going through profiling all my favourite studio sounds from over the years. From regular to oddball stuff.