Help please

  • I'm to "this" point. I have the stage model...I have read the manual I have searched videos but I can't figure out where to just learn the BASICS of USING RIG MGR to create performances and SAVE THEM!!!! I've created some stuff and even gigged with them but i'm not sure I understand tthe basics of (storing, saving, performance...etc)...I'm more than willing to pay someone to do a share screen for an hour with me looking at my rig mgr and showing me how to save things and what "everything means"...I pick up very quickly but am not finding any real help with rig mgr ...need to know where to look where they don't assume you know certain things when they start explaining.....

  • Hi rhtx3003,

    Have you seen this video? I found it was easier to understand setting up Performances in Rig Manager once I was able to do it on the Profiler first.

  • Hi, rhtx3003,

    Here's another video specifically about using Rig Manager to create Performances.

    And another video about using Rig Manager with less emphasis on Performances, but you can use most of what he does can be applied to building a Performance.

  • Hey guys...THANKS A BUNCH..I am about to dive into these and see if I can figure it out. It's weird...i've managed to save some 'things'...settings I have built for The Fixx, Journey..etc...but I can't really explain how I saved them ANNND they aren't always there and sometimes when they are there they have no effects on them until I back and and come back into it...i'm know im probably doing EVERYTHING the wrong way ..haha...hoping these videos and looking at the rig manager maunal will help