Stage: Changing profiles via up/down switches

  • See Main Manual 7.5, page 55:

    In Browser Mode, you can step or scroll through Rigs in your browse pool according to the selected View and Sorting. The option “Group of 5/Single Rig” on page Remote Settings in System Settings determines, if the Up/Down Buttons step through the Rigs individually or by groups of five in Browser Mode.

  • Thanks, this helps! However, with the Stage this setting disables the 1-5 row. In my "perfect" world, I would like to have the functionality of both the 1-5 row and switching rigs one-by-one with the up/down switches.

  • When I am enabling "Single Rig" on the Stage, the 1-5 switches are disabled and without function. I can only use the up/down switches to skip profiles.

    But I would like to use the 1-5 switches (like in "group of five") and up/down switches (like in "Single Rig). Maybe this works with the Remote, but not with the Stage.

  • If you're willing to sacrifice TAP button, you can map it to "Rig Up" function. If you don't need a looper you can map tp "Rig Down" and you'll have what you want (I think). See "Button Assignments" option in system menu (just next to "Group of 5").