No reaction to midi controller

  • Hi!

    I was kinda desperate to find that my Kemper did not react to my midi controller Digitech Control 8. I remember using those two successfully, but now I thought the new firmware had brought new features and I was just so dump I couldn't get the parameters right. After hours of googling I found midi reset function. And Boom, everything was working as supposed to.

    In case you are running similar problem, here is the link:

  • That page is not ours and outdated and some suggestions are questionable. I don't know of any situation, where you need to shut down, disconnect the cable and wait fifteen minutes before you retart to solve any issue. Dancing during those 15 minutes does also not help.;)

    The MIDI reset you are mentioning had just erased the internal archive with Browser Mode MIDI assignments in older OS versions. After that reset no MIDI program change could load any Rig in Browser Mode, because all assignments are gone. And one has to reassign MIDI program change numbers to Rigs before one can use MIDI that way. So even in the past this could not solve your problem. In current software the internal data structure has been changed and this reset doesn't exist anymore. If you hold the QUICK button while powering on, you just perform a normal start.

    I guess, you had changed the receiving MIDI Global Channel and another reset (e.g. holding the SYSTEM button during a restart) recovered "Omni".

    MIDI Global Channel is definitely not screwed by any upgrade.