Remote Foot Controller LCD Brightness

  • I just purchased a Power Rack and Remote Foot Controller recently. All of the lights on both the Power Rack as well as the Controller work except for the LCD screen on the controller. The LCD is displaying the correct information, but there is no brightness making it very difficult to see. I've done a little research to see if I can fix this, but have had no luck.

    So far I have played with the settings within the "system" section on the Power Rack, adjusted the contrast of the screen, uploaded the newest firmware, and tried a different cable to connect the Controller to the main unit.

    Any suggests would be appreciated. Trying to avoid having to exchage this if there is something I am just doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I have a (sort of) relevant question about this:

    "You can find a dedicated LCD CONTRAST knob on the rear side of the PROFILER Remote. All other LCD and LED settings are edited on page “Remote Settings” within System Settings of the PROFILER. The physical LCD contrast knob overwrites the corresponding setting in System Settings during startup."

    If the contrast knob on the Profiler Remote overwrites the setting in the Kemper, What is the purpose of having that setting in the Kemper to be overwritten?

    The setting in the Kemper wouldn't affect anything unless you had a Profiler Remote plugged in, and if you did it would just be overwritten anyway right?

    EDIT: After reviewing I see I misunderstood "corresponding setting" in the head. Not specifically for the remote anyway. That wording threw me off a bit. There is a contrast setting in the head that affects both that is overwritten by the remote knob for the remote.

  • I'm just asking why does it matter what a switched off Kemper does? My PC will blink lights and my usb keyboard after it is switched off... If there is no power to it and it wants to blink who cares? Probably just some residual power left over somewhere. Does it affect your performance?