KEKO Kemper Midi Control via Touchscreen

  • Hello Folks,

    i want to share my project and calling for the brave ones to test it ! :-)

    Feedback is needed and what do you think about it?

    I have made a short video(it is just 720p):

    The Project is on github(see readme):

    This should be the starting point, and i try my best to improve this project(it has been in development for quite some time, nevertheless coding quality needs to be improved).

    This is considered alpha status for now, so please use this just for testing.

  • Hi,

    you just need a computer(or a raspberry pi) which is connected to your kemper(via midi) and a handy(or tablet) in the same network ( a touchscreen is not needed, it is just my first approach on this).

  • Hi MattWylde,

    i added the zip files too (it should have been accessible via Release Tags ). It is my first Github project :-)

    Please give feedback on this (it is not tested on linux, but it is of course interesting for a future tryout on a raspi pi)

  • This looks interesting. Just don't know what it is :). Can you explain what the key functionality is here please :)

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  • Hi, of course...😉

    this is made with

    It is a server-client app, where the server can run on linux, windows or mac.

    When the server ia started you can access the server ("the gui") with a browser(the ip and port is displayed, and can be modified). The client(the browser) has to be in the same network.

    The server must have a midi connection to the kemper, this is the only thing you have to setup for a tryout. Details are on the github page. Feedback highly appreciated!

    (it is a control gui for the kemper, a lot of what is possible to be controlled by midi is allready implemented + a scanner for rigs and performances -> hence it is a midi control)

  • Thanks. So it's a wireless remote kinda thing? Sounds handy.

    Kemper PowerRack | Rivera 4x12 V30 cab | Yamaha DXR10 pair | UA Apollo Twin Duo | Adam A7X | Cubase DAW
    Fender Telecaster 62 re-issue chambered mahogany | Kramer! (1988 or so...) | Gibson Les Paul R7 | Fender Stratocaster HBS-1 Classic Relic Custom Shop | LTD EC-1000 Evertune

  • hi,

    you need to install open stage control (

    Then load the config file (this helps you a little on the settings).

    The project is the json, the "custom module" is the js file.(you will see that when loading the config file).

    After that you need to set your midi connection(you can list your midi device, in the server settings, the port number of in and out is important).

    I will add screenshots.

    Please note that i forget to update the zip file, you get 0.0.2 under Releases, will be fixed tomorrow.

    Thanks for trying out, if you have further questions just ask.

  • Hi schoko - I have installed open stage control

    I launched it, it has started a server on:

    and it has opened an app (I can also open it in the browser):

    but it doesn't show Kemper's state (UI to MIDI is selected)

    I can list MIDI devices, my Focusrite interface is listed there:

    (INFO, MIDI) Inputs

    -1: Void (bypass)

    0: Focusrite USB MIDI 0

    (INFO, MIDI) Outputs

    -1: Void (bypass)

    0: Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth 0

    1: Focusrite USB MIDI 1

    But still cannot see Kemper's state on the app...

  • yes, that is intended this way.

    Please take a look at the github page(hopefully i have described it well enough there).

    In short for your rigs in browse mode you have to assign program changes on the kemper(and ui-to-midi has to be set -> see github docs,and for performances too), then in settings press scan and wait until finished.

    The same for the performances, you have to switch to performances in the gui, then the kemper, press scan and wait(this takes rather long, due to various reasons and ensures an answer is sent by the kemper).

  • folks, please give it a try, i spend nearly every day time to improve this project. Feedback is important here... Thank you!

    I think what you have achieved from a programming perspective is very impressive and I salute you for your efforts. However, I personally don’t see what problem it is solving. For me, the last thing I want in a live situation is to need to rely on a touch screen to do anything. And I don’t want to have USB midi connection s etc. In a live setting I want to be able to just reach for a physical knob and turn it.

    When editing at home I like the integrated nature of Rig Manager on my Mac. There are plenty of things about RM that I don’t like and that I feel could be improved but it is clearly still a work in progress.

    I may not be typical of today’s users though so my opinion probably doesn’t matter. I only mention this to contribute towards gathering of data on the potential user base for a touchscreen editor.

  • Wheresthedug thank you very much for your thoughts. The first intention to do this was because a mate of mine complained about the small display of the stage / remote (he has problems with his eyes ->" i want to see rigs / performances big on the ipad when playing"). The quality of the code is not as good as you asume, but thank you for kind words(i will improve on this).

    The second reason is, that i want to control reaper, the sound card and the kemper from one app, so i took the long road to such a solution.