What interface and recording rig are you all using?

  • - Logic Pro X on a 27" Imac (not very recent, but a workhorse)

    - Apogee Element thunderbolt interface (I don't use spdif, except for monitoring sometimes )

    - JBL 305 speakers, Sennheiser HD600 or Audio Technica M50x headphones

    That being said, I feel that the importance of gear is exaggerated nowadays. The internet has become a big advertising panel for new products and internet forums (often pushing promotional content) are full of threads and argumentation comparing brands/models/etc which within the same price bracket, all pretty much offer a different shade of the same thing. As long as you don't get the absolute worst low-end gear on purpose, you can get professional results with almost anything as long as your ear is properly trained and you know what you are doing.