New 3.1.57 beta rig manager

  • Arne! Thank you or your efforts! With the 3.1.61 the installation was successful ( still tooks 40 min. to sync the rigs and performances but I won't have to do it so often, unless I test the installation ;)) and the Rig Manager works well on my system.

    It recognise the profiler and at least this part is now going well. Now we can play and test the rest :)

  • I got some help from Arne overnight and managed to get beta 60 to see the KPA - yay!

    I rebooted to complete the install (logs showed reboot pending). Arne suggested I then repair install if driver was not present. I checked in Device Manager and no driver was installed even after reboot. Just to see if it worked, I clicked "Search Automatically" for new driver in (Win 8.1) Device Manager - both options there did not work with earlier betas. The correct driver is now apparently registered with Microsoft so the correct driver installed and Device Manager reported the successful install.

    I launched beta 60 and it was able to sync with the Kemper.

    Edit: Apparently, Device Manger "Search Automatically" also includes the local system and I am advised by Arne that the driver must have actually been on the local system and not on Windows Update - possibly from one of the many installers that were run.

  • ok i dont see the recent german schaus bogner helios theres some vvx ones also some vivix tj match 30 all on march 3 2021 i could keep going on ther on site but i dont see them in rig manager this has been happining for me a long time not mad just curious

  • 3.1.61 is running on Win10 for me - finally!!

    I uninstalled RigManager, uninstalled the device in devicemanager, run "Uninstall Rig Manager Driver tool", deleted some old Kemper files from 2016 and 2017 in the Kemper folder, deleted Kemper.sys, KemperProfiler.sys, Msft_Kernel_kemper_01011, Msft_Kernel_KemperProfiler_01011 from the drivers folder (after searching for "Kemper" there).


    Installed the 3.1.61 beta (from the dropbox link above) without Kemper connected. It took some time until RM started. After it worked, I closed RM and rebooted the PC again. Started RM and then connected the Profiler - it was recognized (syncing took some time).

    After that I closed RM and rebooted again. And now it is working great everytime I open RM.

  • 3) In the command line, go to the previously created directory, when driver removal scripts are unpacked an start typing "uninstall" and press TAB key when you see a command "Uninstall Rig Manager Driver.bat"

    Unfortunately I cannot navigate this window.

    All it does is show "C:\WINDOWS\system32>" but I cannot delete/backspace in order to enter the path to the directory with the Uninstall script.

  • Every time I try this, Windows tells me "Please wait while Windows configures Rig Manager" and it hangs there.

    I have to cancel out of the uninstall process because it won't finish.

    I now have two versions of Rig Manager, neither of which I can remove from my system, and neither of which is functioning.



    So I tried to remove them by clicking "Modify" but when I do it that way the Uninstall process hangs at "Removing Shortcuts"


  • I managed to install v3.1.61 and it seems to have uninstalled the old versions that Windows could not remove.

    But the program will not start.

    The Kemper driver seems to have installed ok this time.

    I will restart the computer.

  • Seems like the system reboot is often necessary to get the new RM version going properly. This is not an uncommon requirement with driver installs - eg update PACE copy protection and it will demand a reboot.

    My Win 8.1 machine has drivers for multiple audio related devices installed, it has iTunes on it and a bunch of plugin copy protection systems as well. I wonder whether the systems at HQ are as full of USB device drivers and audio apps as those of us having problems.

  • Mac user here, so all the reported issues using Windows don't apply. BUT, I'm giving up and returning to the last non-beta release. During a performance last night (church) not only did my Profiler crash in the middle of the service, but the lag switching between performances was unacceptably long, to the point I was uncertain the performance had changed after stepping on the switch.

    Further, effects buttons on the Remote mostly worked, but again the lag was noticeable. Not as long as switching between performances, but still. In particular, I've got an acoustic profile set up running through the loop with a button on the Remote dedicated to switching the loop in and out. Whenever I selected that particular profile there was no sound at all. Repeated stepping on the button sometimes, eventually, produced a sound, but sometimes not. No sound during one of my songs is not acceptable.

    Finally, I changed a couple effects, saved them either with RM or in the Profiler itself, but those changes didn't stick. Worked as long as I was in that slot, but when I moved on then went back the changes weren't there.

    So, I've become very nervous about using my Kemper in live situations, it's just not reliable enough to take the chance. I submitted a ticket about this earlier but was told either my issue could no be replicated or that some lag was normal and shouldn't be a problem. I'll roll back to the version that worked, save the beta tests for others.

  • Roll back to the version that worked, save the beta tests for others.

    Good call. Definitely shouldn't gig with the betas.

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