New 3.1.57 beta rig manager

  • Hi everyone,

    I’ve updated and mine is working well - very grateful to be able to see effects presets. A great addition :)

    Sorry if this has been answered already in this long thread but I’m not seeing presets for the new Kemper Drive / OCD. I am seeing presets for pretty much everything else. I know when the Kemper Drive update was released there were a few presets given which I have in a folder in Rig Manager but I’m not seeing these in the context menu when I select the Kemper Drive. Can anyone help me understand why / how to address this?

    Many thanks :)

  • I don't think they are available via the context menu at this point.

  • At the moment, the context menu only shows presets from the All Presets\MyProfiler section. You probably have the Kemper Drive presets somewhere under All Presets\Local Library.

    If you copy them to MyProfiler they will be available in the context menus.

    Hopefully they'll decide to make Local Library presets available in the future.

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