Seeking advice for guitar feedback to seem more natural

  • I use 99.9% of the time a profile I created of my Peavey Jsx and it sounds fantastic, the only thing that could be a "smidge" better is the way it reacts to guitar feedback. Is there some tips/advice that anyone could give when profiling this amp that may help the feedback seem more natural?

  • what are you not liking about the feedback specifically ?

    I select a cab that sounds close to what I want and

    I tend to use the absolute minimum noise gate i can get away with, just to keep hum down. I dont to use a gate at all in the stomps but I know alot do. and tweak the clarity definition & presence and to get where I want to be & tweak rest of the eq.

    I add some compression in slot a, not in the amp settings to add abit of gain and sustain but I roll back the amp gain abit to compensate if I need too.

    I like quite an open sound where the harmonics ring out well.

    I do this with no other fx on, no reverb delay or anything else. im quite into the delay widened where appropriate, and add abit of reverb delay to taste. Boom.

    I dont tend to tweak any further.

    Just check your space settings in the output if its to wide or narrow to suit what your after.

    Less seems to be more for me

  • Sometimes the feedback will end prematurely and just make a not so good sounding feedback. I do have a gate in a stomp slot, does that really matter as opposed to just using the noise gate knob? Can one make the profile react differently?

  • I think this is all around the noise gate. Have you tried with the noise gate off just to identify that is where the issue is

    Call me dit-zy, but no, I have not. Thanks for giving me the duh moment ;). I do have a gate in stomp a turned down really low, but I will try it with it off. Is there any advantage to using the noise gate knob vs one in a stomp position?

  • Is there any advantage to using the noise gate knob vs one in a stomp position?

    It depends. If you have your input locked, the global NG is locked as well across all rigs. If you then want individual NG for a rig, the stomp NG is the way to go.

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  • If you have your input locked....most people don;t...otherwsie I don't think its global ( made me question it now

    I think it's vice versa...most people have it locked due to the Clean Sens setting. In this case the setting of the NG is gobal too. If the input is not locked, all the input settings are stored with each rig.

    I could have farted and it would have sounded good! (Brian Johnson)

  • Missed that, sorry!

    I'm pretty sure I don't and never have locked my input. Silly question why would you lock clean sense ( TBH never touch it) ? I might be missing something :)

    I think so it would be the same over all the slots. I never lock the input, But If I want something the same across all slots in a performance, I save, lock it and go to each slot and save the other 4 then unlock it . That being said, Since you can't lock only the clean sense or the noise gate individually, setting and saving each one I believe is one of the few options.