Clicks and pops using Looper

  • Hi there,

    Anyone had issues with the looper and remote getting pops and clicks ?
    I get those when ever I retrig the playback or when I hit the undo-redo button on the Kemper.

    I've been email-ing back and forth support for 13 days now and we are not making progress. Today, they are saying that repeating the steps, they are also getting pops using the retrig playback function, insinuating this might be normal behaviour...

    Steps to recreate it :

    1. Start recording loop

    2. Press play back button
    3. Press it again to create a stutter effect (pops every 1-2 times I hit the playback button).
    4. Create overdub

    5. Undo the over dub (Creates a pop)

    6. Redo overdub (Creates a pop)