Snapshot question.

  • Is it possible to take snapshots in performance mode? I was messing around and had something I wanted to snap and my only option seemed to be "save to pool", go to browser mode, store snapshot then delete the rig to only save the snapshot. I couldn't find "store snapshot" in browser mode.

  • You find Browse Snapshot in Rig Settings. There you can select and load a Snapshots. As soon as it is loaded you can store it as a Rig. And then you can load it into a Slot of a Performance.

    I was looking to quickly store a snapshot of a performance slot and not save it as a rig. I generally never work in Browser mode.

  • I don't really understand the practical difference.

    While in Performance Mode you can use STORE/ Export Rig to Pool and afterwards select and load that Rig from your Rig pool using BROWSE. You don't need to leave Performance Mode for that. If you don't want to keep that Rig in your Browse Pool, use the COPY/PASTE buttons of the classical PROFILER models and clipboard to copy and paste the Slot. The same copy/paste function is available at the Stage holding the RIG button.

  • I'm just being picky but when I save to the browse pool it uses the same name and gets thrown in with all my other rigs to sort through. The "practical purpose" would be that it's one button press to save to snapshot instead of the process you described.

  • If you use the snapshot mechanism, it is one button to store a Snapshot in Browser Mode, true. But in Performance Mode that button is occupied by Enable Slot. So, it couldn't be just one button in Performance Mode. As you own a classical PROFILER model you can store the Rig in the clipboard in Performance Mode by pressing just one button: COPY.

    Taking the next step, you would access the Snapshot by entering Rig Settings, then Browse Snapshot, select and load that Snapshot. Afterwards you still need to delete that Snapshot. With my suggestion you just press PASTE. Couldn't be easier.