Problems with "Load into editor and preview" function

  • Hello,

    When I double click a rig in RM to load/preview it on my KPA (or use Ctrl + enter), it will work fine for the first few rigs, then it "sticks" on one and keeps the same amp/settings regardless of what rigs I choose next. The rig name will change to the correct one in RM but the sound doesn't change because the amp and all other settings act like they're locked (but none of the parameters are actually locked).

    Quitting and restarting RM only starts the process over again - I can load a few rigs normally but then the issue returns. I'm on the latest version of RM ( and newest KPA OS, my PC is running Windows 10. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!

  • I can't get any rigs to load either, even after a restart. Not sure if it's the same issue but started happening a week ago for me.

    Running version on Windows 10.