Don't use Rig Manager and Remote at the same time?

  • Hey, guys.

    I haven't been using the remote or performance mode for the last year or so, just the toaster in the studio. I'm starting to play with some folks again and was getting my head back into setting up performances. Rig Manager was running and the remote was connected, but I was trying to change patches for the performance slots on the Kemper. It started behaving sluggishly, not responding to the turning of the Browse knob, delayed response to any buttons I pressed, etc. I shut it down, shut down RM, restarted the Kemper and it seemed fine after that.

    I seem to remember there was some kind of thing where having Rig Manager up while working in performance mode on the Kemper, or maybe it was having the remote connected, or both, was known to cause problems. The general advice at the time was just "don't have RM up while doing X," but I can't remember what the X was.

    I believe I'm on the latest release version of the OS and RM (I don't install betas), and everything has been running fine other than this glitch.

    Am I remembering correctly about there having been some known wonkiness with some combination of RM / Performance mode / Remote? If so, could you fill me in on what the "don't do that!" is? I have no problems with workarounds, I'm just not sure what the use case is when I should have RM off to avoid behavioral issues.

    Any insights (or well deserved comments about the dubious integrity of my memory) are most appreciated.

  • Weird. I literally have mine doing that very thing right this second for that purpose (RM connected so I can watch the editor panel while I switch slots) and there is not a single whisper of a problem.