Load a KRIG file into the Kemper

  • We can drag KRIG files into Rig Manager folders, and then click on them in Rig Manager to preview in the Kemper.

    It would also be useful to double-click a KRIG file from a computer folder, and have that rig loaded for preview in the Kemper via Rig Manager. Much the same way you'd double click a PDF or document and have it load in it's linked program. This doesn't mean add it to My Profiler or Local Library - hopefully just load it into the edit buffer where it could then later be saved or not.

    This would also allow easier management of large libraries of Rigs. Rather than trying to manage large sets of folders in the Rig Manager treeview, rigs could be managed in the computer folders. For example, I now have thousands of files in my Rig Manager Local Library, but many I rarely if ever use. Takes a bit longer to start up Rig Manager, apply updates, etc. and I still have most of these Rigs in computer folders anyway. If I could preview from a double click, I could just keep a small set in Rig Manager.

    I know I can always just remove them from Rig Manager Local Library and only add a few when I want to use them, but it just adds the extra steps to add them, try some, delete ones I decide not to use at the moment, and so on.

  • Yeah, I think Skoczy mentioned this a few years back.

    The thing is 'though, that when you double-click a Rig in your described scenario, Rig Manager would still have to fire up before you'd be able to preview it. This would mean a hefty delay what wouldn't be any different from loading the app manually anyway.

    My solution?

    Create a dedicated audition folder in Rig Manager. Any time you come across a Rig or a bunch of 'em on your drive that you want to preview, drag it / them to that folder.

    You could make clearing / emptying that audition folder the last thing you do before quitting the app as part of your M.O. That would make locating future drag-ins super-easy to find.

  • Indeed Nicky, I remember posting such request. Assuming that Rig Manager is already running, clicking on a profile in URL, or double clicking on a profile, would load this profile into Kemper Profiler for review and maybe also copy this profile into Rig Manager -> Local Library -> Temp/Audition folder (or anything configurable).

    I'm sure this would speed up checking the profiles, as selecting CAB presets saved in Kemper with your mouse in Rig Manger (introduced in RM 3.1.57) made checking the cabs very ease and useful.

  • Yes, sounds like I pretty much am suggesting the same thing as skoczy.

    I wasn't suggesting this should work if Rig Manager wasn't already running. Although if the double click could interact with the Kemper (since that's where the USB connection is) then maybe you wouldn't necessarily need Rig Manager at all for this. Just load up a disk file rig and if you want to save it, save it on the Profiler. If you want to save it in Rig Manager, as long as Rig Manager is running then save it through Rig Manager to My Profiler or Local Library. Only Kemper would know if that would be possible.

    The main idea would be to somewhat minimize the whole Librarian aspects of Rig Manager. In some cases it's good, and necessary. Like when you're more interested in something about the Tags, Favorites, Rig Exchange, Rig Packs and so on. But just to maintain a library in folders, the computer, at least to me, is much better. I'd rather see Rig Manager as the editor and a place to maintain a smaller useful set. Then use the computer like my own local Rig Exchange. Just not completely duplicated within Rig Manager.

    Think of how it now works. You buy some profiles. You download them somewhere on your computer and usually unzip them. Now to try them you have to either copy the files to a Kemper dedicated USB drive and import them into the Kemper (remembering the Kemper is already connected via USB anyway for RM). Or you probably start Rig Manager, make some kind of folder then find your computer files and copy, drag or import them into your RM folder. Finally, you can try them to see if useful.

    In what skoczy and I were suggesting, you download and unzip them, then double click one to load it and try it out. Maybe RM is running and if possible, maybe not. So I'm not against RM, I just don't see why all of the extra steps to get a rig loaded.

  • I think Rig Manager must be running to send a profile/file to Kemper over some connection protocol. It would just speed up working with Kemper.

    I repeat myself here - adding possibility to check CAB presets saved in Kemper with few mouse clicks, made me want to try saved cabs and I found some very good cab there! (Normals 2x12 from Rig Packs, Keith Merrow)