Stereo not working

  • Hi everyone,

    First things, I apologize if my English is not the best, it's not my first language. This being said, I have two issues today and cannot seem to find the answer in the main manuel. First issue is regarding my output section, specifically the main output. It is on "master stereo" and I'm using two XLR cables to the PA i'm using for my shows. The issue is that only one side to the two XLR are working properly, the left side. Right side is not working, and my cables works fine, i tested it. I really don't know what to do, since every parameters seems to be on stereo. Therefore, my stereo effects are not working at all.

    Secondo, there's a profil on performance mode that indicate a peak in my output section, but everything is green in my output section. I need to have the same amount of volume in between each profile, since I'm having a gig next months, so i cannot simply turn down the rig volume.

    Anybody can help me with these two issues ?

    Much appreciated Kemper community,


  • Hi Martin

    Your English is excellent so no need to apologise for anything 👍

    If you have tested both cables and are sure they are working the next step would be to check that both channels on the desk are also working (I presume you have already done this?).

    Next check it with standard guitar cables TS to TS. If this works it would strongly suggest a faulty XLR output.

    Assuming cables and desk are both working then it must either be a setting in the Kemper or a fault affecting both Right output sockets (XLR and TS). If the output is faulty you will need to contact support directly but the good news is they are generally very helpful and stand behind their product so if it is faulty they fix it.

    Before, assuming there is a hardware fault we need to be sure that the settings are all OK.

    You mentioned that you have the main out set as Master Stereo. Have you tried Master Mono which should send the same signal to both outputs. This would help highlight if it is a stereo setting.

    Another test which might help isolate the problem would be to set the Man Out to Stack. This takes the sound after the Stack but before any Stereo Effects. I think this should highlight if the problem is related to an Effect setting and might help narrow down the search.

    Does the problem happen with all rigs (including factory content) or only some rigs? If it only affects certain rigs it could be that you have the Panorama setting in the Rig Menu panned all the way to the left.

    Hopefully those pointers will help you track down the cause of the issue.

    I am not sure I understand your second question. You mentioned something indicating a peak but that everything is green. Where are you seeing the peak? Are you just hearing it as louder or is something actually overloading.

  • Hi Alan,

    Well first of all, thanks so much for your detailed answer. I appreciate it a lot. I'll be running a couple of test with my kemper and try to narrow down what the specific issue is. I'll let you know.

    Second things, regarding the peaking in my ouptut, there was my output led that was turning red once in a while, i remade my preset in Rig

    Manager and it's working fine now.

    Thanks again and i'll keep you posted,