Tones are extra noisy at startup.

  • I am using a powered toaster running into a Kabinet. One thing I've noticed is that right after the Kemper boots up, tones are extra noisy for the first couple of minutes, then things settle down and the additional noise goes away. The difference could be comparable to the type of noise difference between a single coil vs. a humbucker. It responds to the noise gate and master volume just like any normal tone would.

    Once this noise goes away, I can immediately reboot the Kemper doesn't come back the second time around. It almost feels like some residual charge that needs to dissipate if that makes any sense.

    It's not a big deal since it's so short lived, but wondering if others have experienced the same issue.

  • Sounds like you are picking up some outside interference like appliances or fluorescent lighting fixtures??

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

  • I have heard that before, not in the kemper, but more on audio components. This is what happens normally:

    Your power section normally starts cold, when any semiconductor is cold, it has a higher resistivity. If you have a bad ground system, interference and other radio artifacts, the hum produced from the AC line and its respective line noise, will leak to the signal instead of the ground, until your components heat, the resistivity goes down and the equipment stop acting as an anthena.

    Most of the time the problem is the ground, I had awful grounding in one of my apartments, my cheap amps were noisy. And this exact behaviour happened with a 5.1 sorround power amp I bought a decade ago. I changed appartment and everything was better.

    It can also be a power section problem, but I sincerely doubt it. To discard, take your kemper to other places, and try it there, check if it has the same problem. And of course, it looks like the problem goes away after a while, so I believe I am on the right track about grounding issues and equipment warmup.

  • Thanks for the feedback and suggestions.

    Clselby It doesn't happen all the time either, e.g. it didn't happen today, but next time it does happen I'll try to record it.

    BayouTexan I initially through it was something along the same lines. The fact that it goes away after a few minutes makes me wonder though.

    Alfahdj That description sounds like what's happening all right. That's a good tip about trying the kemper out in other places, I must do that.

  • Please do, if it is a power section problem, you would hear it trough headphones, direct output or anything, so you can grab your kemper + guitar + headphones and try it cold at your friends place.