Kemper Powerhead live and loud with the band throug h a 4x12

  • I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death... When running a 412 (recto) cab with my powerhead, there is some ice picky harshness that is difficult to dial out. I'm not running through the PA as we just use it for vox and kick drum mic. I'm pleanty loud, and am very familiar with Kemper (Ialos own Boogie & Bogner amps) Using worldclass profiles (not that that should matter..) Michael Britt, STL, CILILAB to name a few..) Using profiles that are done with the same cab I use . It's pleanty loud, but challenging to dial out the (Solid State harshness at significantly loud volume. I've tried extra EQ, but goes from "Ice-picky to a little "dull" , having trouble finding that sweet in-between. Any suggestions? Highgain..similar to Periphery/Sevendust...Aggressive, but not harsh, high gain with clarity...Again, getting the tone & vibe, just want to dial back some of the harshness. I run it through my return of my Mesa MKIV, BOOM!! There it si....I know the Kemper can sound even better, just trying to find that magic button/sweet spot, etc..

  • Have you tried using different cabs? I am willing to bet that it is all about the rig setup. I use my KPA with my 2x12 Horizontal Mesa Recto cab and it is pretty hard to tell it apart from my Mesa Boogie Mark V/35. I should add that I had profiled my own amp and cab(s).

  • Hey steinweiner, I'm doing the same method, using my KPA through the effects return of my Friedman Head, with 2x12 cab to get the air moving behind me. I have the best result so far by adding an EQ after the amp block and filtering out "Hi" down to approx. 75K and "Lo" up to about 7.5K. Dependent on profile and cab, i think you'll have to make adjustment to tastes. With this setup, I am using the "Direct Out" from the Kemper with the Cab Sim turn off on the "Monitor" at the Output Global setting.

    I do have the Cab Sim turn on for the main Output to run direct to FOH.

    I have tried this on both MB Profiles and my own profiles, so far this is working for me. I love this setup.

  • Sorry for the slow response, I was out of town over the weekend and had just gotten back.

    I'm using mainly my Friedman 2x12, loaded with V30s, Sometimes I do use the same setup with my 2x12 Mesa (Stock) or 1x12 Marshall 1912 (Stock), they do sound slightly different, and I would have to tweak the global monitor EQ settings a little to taste depending on the room situation. Using different tube amp head power amps and different cabs will impact your sound, and I normally just go to my global monitor EQ settings for a quick tweak. I think it's just like tube amps as well, when you go to different venues or locations, you will have to make slight adjustments to tastes.

    You are absolutely right that if you spend allot of time tweaking, your ears will get tired or used to certain frequencies.... then it's a constant struggle to get back on the right paths. It's always good to walk away or come back the next day to continue. That said, tone chasing never quite ends for us guitarists..... :(

    I know that I said earlier that by adding the EQ and filtering out the frequencies you don't want, there's more to it than just that. I spent allot of time also tweaking the amp block settings to get what I want. Since I have use two tube amps (Freidman JJ 20 Jr. & Mesa Express 5:25), I used them as references and A/B between the profiles and amps, to get as close as possible. It's never 100% but in the ball park. Once I'm happy what the results, the live setup is easy, consistent, and never have to worry about mic placements or other issues that comes with it.

  • I would strongly recommend running the guitar through the PA, regardless of your monitor set up - using your amp for backline is always a poor compromise.

    I never gig without the guitar miked, even in the smallest venues, as there is little control on the FOH sound. You might think you sound great but out front you will blast those at the front and people at the back won't hear you.

    If you sort this, the focus changes and your monitor becomes less important. I initially ran my KPA through a 4 x12 for years, miking it up, not realising how much the cab adds colour, not always in a good way. I then shifted my focus to the FOH sound....the most important bit....what the audience hears.

  • I have a powered rack, but when I first got the unit, my speaker lead wasn't long enough so I plugged the Kemper in to the effects return of my Marshall. Wasn't a great sound, not impressive at all. Within a day I made a longer speaker lead, using the Kemper's poweramp was a night day difference.

    I'd suggest use a neutral power amp to power your cab, running through the effects return of your amp is a battle not worth fighting imho