Remote with PoE injector

  • I just added a PoE injector to my rack in order to use a longer remote cable. It workes fine so far...but one

    thing irritates me: Even when the profiler is switched off, the LEDs of the remote show (dimmed) light.

    Is that normal ?? What's your experience ?

  • I also installed an PoE injector today (one with straight EU plug, no external powersupply)

    My cordial was giving me a hard time lately, powering one twice, blank out and restart ...

    The PoE solved the issue and the leds are much brighter as before ...

    Does this mean I can use any normal ethernet cable now ?



  • Can you please specify what model u did buy? Thank you.

  • from the manual:


    The PROFILER and PROFILER Remote communicate with each other via an ethernet cable. The cable included in the PROFILER Remote package with its Neutrik® etherCON® cable connector carrier has been carefully selected and is perfectly suited for this purpose. If you decide to use any 3rd party cable, please make sure it meets our quality standards.

    The diameter of the wire is the critical factor. The cable delivered with the Remote meets American Wire Gauge 24 (AWG), which can support up to 7.5m (22ft) length. AWG 26 cables have a smaller diameter and can only support up to 5m (15ft). Cables with higher AWG e.g. AWG 28 should not be used with the Remote.

    Cables in excess of 10m (30ft) might require a Power over Ethernet Injector (PoE Injector).

    Cabling with PoE injector close to PROFILER

    This will enable you to bridge distances of more than 100m (300ft). The PoE injector can be located close to the PROFILER e.g. in the same rack and connected via a short ethernet cable.

    PROFILER Remote 291

    A PoE switch will even let you connect multiple Remotes to one PROFILER.

    PROFILER Remote 292

    Cabling with PoE switch and multiple Remotes

    PROFILER and Remotes should be connected to those ethernet sockets that provide PoE power. Supported are IEEE standard 802.3af-2003 as well as 802.3at-2009 mode A.

    Be aware that only mode A can be used; mode B is not functional! Gigabit PoE equipment must not be used! It could even damage the Remote!

    Here is a list of equipment we have tested successfully:

    PoE injectors:

    PoE switches:

    If you are using a POE switch, connect the PROFILER to its PoE ethernet sockets, as well as the Remote(s).

    PROFILER Remote 293

    TP-LINK® TL-POE 150S

    • TP-LINK® TL-SG1008P (8 port gigabit switch with 4 port PoE)
    • Allnet® ALL8085 Switch (8 Port 10/100TX)
    • Intellinet 8-Port Fast Ethernet POE+Switch (available with 19’’ rackmount)
    • If you are using a POE switch, connect the PROFILER to its PoE ethernet sockets, as well as the Remote(s).