Kemper Stage with Mission EP1-KP pedal

  • I'm beginning to wish I had purchased the Kemper toaster rather the Stage. Most videos are for the toaster and trying to extrapolate to the Stage is difficult.

    I am trying to set up a Mission EP1-KP pedal with my Stage, to use as both a volume and wah pedal. I have a stereo cable plugged into Output 1 on the pedal and the pedal 1 jack on the back of the Stage. I have a mono cable plugged into Output 2 on the pedal and pedal 2 jack on the Stage. I have a wah stomp loaded in slot A on my Stage, the color is orange. I held down the pedals button and set pedal 1 to volume and pedal 2 to Wah. The volume pedal works fine. The wah pedal does not work, even after pushing down on the toe to engage. Does anyone own a Stage and know how to correct the problem? Thanks. Mike Irving

  • The only difference between the Stage and the other Profiler models when it comes to pedals is that the Stage has a dedicated pedals button which makes it a bit easier to access the pedal menu. Everything else is exactly the same. Your issue is that you a falling victim to a basic misunderstanding.

    You need to configure the pedal to work as a wah pedal and then activate the wah to volume pedal link in the dedicated pedal menu of the Profiler.

    This is also covered in the main manual with graphic illustrations describing the different possible setups.