Soldano HotRod 100+, Fender Supersonic, Peavey 5150...

  • Hi forumites!

    I've just uploaded some profiles made this afternoon at one studio:
    - Soldano HotRod 100+, distortion channel
    - Peavey 5150 distorsion channel (one profile is with my cab and another one swapped to one Tills cab that sounds better for low tunings bass response)
    - Fender Supersonic, burn channel, optimized for neck PU.

    Also I made my own "frankenprofile" with one head and one cabinet and name to sound as the channel 4, modern mode of a Mesa Boogie Roadking but with the EQ settings I used to play with when owned this amp a year ago.

    These ones join the ones created some days ago: Engl SE (CH1 & CH3) and Diezel Herbert (CH3).

    Hope you'll enjoy them.

  • I think you did a great job on these. :thumbup: