Switching from Amp Head to a used Stage, backup and profiles questions

  • Hi All

    I'll be switching from an amp to a used Stage which will be delivered today. I'd like to do a few things and wanted some advice on the best way to go about it:

    1. Load all profiles from the new stage into my Rig Library. Should just be a drag and drop? Or do I need to register the Stage to myself first? Will also update stage to latest firmware if needed.

    2. Backup everything on my amp head to PC (i know how to do this part)

    3. Transfer what I currently have on my amp head to the new stage. Is this just as simple as creating a fresh back up off the head and then loading that into the stage?

    At this point, I believe the Stage should operate and contain all the seetings and profiles from my Amp head, correct? Am I missing anything?


  • Register first. I'm guessing you should enter your name in the Stage exactly like you have on the Toaster.

    Owner Name is included in a PROFILER backup. After restoring the backup of your Head on the Stage you should just check two items:

    1. Global pedal assignments - the Stage has four PEDAL sockets, while the Head has two plus another four with Remote. These assignments don't automatically map to the Stage.

    2. Monitor Output Source - by default the Head MONITOR OUT is mono and optionally stereo, while the Stage offers a dedicated stereo MONITOR OUT. Therefor the output source of the MONITOR OUT might require your intervention.

  • I have a question that maybe BayouTexan could address regarding backing up profiles.

    I am getting ready to pull the trigger on the new release of RigManager 3.1.

    Is it enough to make a backup of my existing Rig manager before upgrading to the new release and then restoring the new release with my backup? Will that bring back all my commercial profiles and Performances or do I need to do other things to not lose any of my stuff.

  • I would do the Export on Rig Manager.

    Go to... All Rigs-->My Profiler

    Right click on your rig window and Select All...

    then File -->Export Rigs... to a USB or Harddrive folder (I have a folder named "Rig Manager Backup" on my harddrive for the destination).

    Do the same as above for... All Performances -->My Profiler

    Takes like 1 second and only uses 3-4MB of space. But I've upgraded RM without ever doing a backup. Your profiles are stored in the Profiler itself not in Rig Manager. RM just reads it to your desktop so you can edit it.